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Can I Use Avalon Binoculars While Wearing Glasses?

Most of our binoculars, including the Avalon 10×42 Pro HD and Avalon 8×32 Mini HD binoculars, have twist-up eyecups. These allow you to use the binoculars either with or without glasses on. If you wish to use the binoculars while keeping your glasses on, simply twist both eyecups DOWN to their folded position. In most cases you will be able to use the binoculars without the need for your glasses. This is because the binoculars already enhance and magnify the image, eliminating the need for your glasses. If you normally use glasses for near-to-far or far-to-near vision impairment, you will not need them while using the binoculars.

How to Adjust Your Binoculars

Follow the steps below in order to adjust your binoculars for viewing:

  • Your Avalon binoculars have twist-up eyecups. Twist the eyecups all the way OUT to their extended position by rotating them counter clockwise.

  • Step out to an open area while trying your binoculars (preferably outdoors). Make sure you are at least 20 feet away from the subject you are looking at.

  • Open or close the binoculars to a state that fits the distance between your eyes.

  • Make sure your eyes remain wide open while viewing through the binoculars. If your eyes are not wide open you might see a black circle or black spots around the image. Also make sure that the attached lens covers are hanging down and not getting in the way of your lenses.

  • If one of your eyes is stronger than the other you might need to adjust the right eye’s focus of the binoculars separately (there should be a + / – wheel to adjust it, located on the right eyepiece). This adjustment compensates for one eye being weaker or stronger than the other. To do so, look through your binoculars while closing your left eye. Then twist the right eye’s adapter and the central focus wheel until you see a focused image. Now open both eyes and re-adjust the central focus wheel.

Why is There a Split on One Side of the Rain Cover?

Strange as this might sounds the split on one side of the rubber rain guard is not a fault but manufactured this way. Here’s the info explaining why we do it:

The binoculars can be attached to the strap on either or both sides by sliding the strap through closed loops. When both loops are used, the rainguard will fall onto the eyepieces every time the binocular hangs down. This can be convenient in some cases, such as very wet or dusty/windy conditions, and when storing the binoculars in the case, but it usually slows down removing the rainguard and impedes viewing. To solve this problem, most manufacturers have a solid loop on one side of the rainguard and a split loop on the other.

How to Attach the Included Neck Strap?

Below is an image showing how the neck strap can be connected to the binoculars and the rain cover if needed. Note the split part is not connected to the neck strap.