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Avalon 10×42 PRO HD Binoculars (BLACK)

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Ignite your sense of adventure with the new Avalon 10×42 PRO HD. The world’s lightest professional level binoculars. Order a pair and begin your adventure today.

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Product Highlights

  • Beautifully designed and packaged for personal use or gift.
  • Twist-down eyecups for viewing with or without glasses.
  • Ideal for general or home viewing, scenery, bird watching, travel, sports, nature, wildlife, safari, star gazing and the outdoors.
  • Powerful 10x magnification and fully multicoated optics. Bright, razor sharp images from 10 feet and up to 30 miles and beyond.
  • Lightweight, mid-sized, professional level binoculars weighing only 550 grams (19.4 oz).
  • 100% Waterproof and fog-proof, body internally purged with nitrogen gas to prevent corrosion or lens fogging.
  • Binoculars, Avalon carry case, neck strap, protective covers and gift box are included.
  • Covered by Avalon’s 90-days money back guarantee and VIP lifetime warranty.


Avalon Optics Model




Objective Lens Diameter

42 mm

Exit Pupil

4.2 mm

Eye Relief

15 mm

Prism Type

BAK-4, Roof

Lens Coating

Fully Multicoated





Nitrogen Filled


Closest Focusing Distance

9.8 ft (3 m)

Field of View

283 ft / 1000 yards

Angle of View


Interpupillary Distance

56mm – 74mm


5.6 x 4.9 inch (14.3 x 12.4 cm)


550 grams (19.4 oz)

186 reviews for Avalon 10×42 PRO HD Binoculars (BLACK)

  1. Trevor C

    Not only have I enjoyed the clarity and light weight of these binoculars over the past (almost) three years, but when a problem with the eye-cups occurred, Avalon sent a replacement within three days. This was more than I expected and gives me confidence in the company – which honoured its lifetime VIP guarantee.
    The eye-correction adjustment is most welcome.

  2. Robert Halliwell

    They are a very good pair of binoculars.
    Realised how clear they are when I compared them to my old pair of Steiner Safari 8×22.
    Worth every penny thank you.

  3. John C

    My wife and I share a pair of the Avalon 8×32 which are excellent for birdwatching. It was time to buy my own pair so I opted for the more powerful 10×42 Avalon. These are still light and small enough for everyday use but I appreciate the extra power if the lens. These are excellent binoculars and I would highly recommend them for birdwatching and general use including occasional star gazing. They are great for looking at the moon.

  4. Stewart Green

    The binoculars arrived within three days. I have tried them on the Somerset Levels and in Cornwall. So far I am very pleased with the experience: they are light to carry and provide a very clear image.

  5. Sir Barry

    Present for person who is really pleased with them. Great product and great service.
    Had to Google how to best use them as pamphlet given had limited detail.

  6. Claire Medley

    Really pleased with my binoculars, I used them while away in Scotland. Found them easy to use and spotted some fantastic wildlife, would highly recommend.

  7. Charlie

    Received binoculars a few days after ordering, very impressed with quality and clarity, excellent buy, great value for money

  8. Owen

    I’m no expert, I have nothing to compare them with but as far as I can tell, they are awesome! I need to refine my use of them but so far so good.

  9. Lorraine

    Excellent binoculars,great for bird watching in the garden. Good size and weight,easy to use. Good service and delivery. Would highly recommend

  10. George,

    Simply a great pair of binnoculars for the price.

  11. Mrs D

    Got these as a present for my husband, so we don’t have to share one pair between us. Using for birdwatching, great so far, would recommend. Shipping was super fast and item arrived well packaged.

  12. Julie J

    Bought these for a mix of bird watching (complete amateur!) and also for inspecting features on trees that might be suitable for bats, so need a good close-focusing ability. Had a quick play with them and so far so good. Not too heavy, comfy strap and very clear images. I also love that the covers are attached as I have always lost these very quickly in the past!

  13. James Rose

    Excellent bird witching binoculars very happy with my purchase.

  14. Beryl

    Bought these for my husband for Christmas, he loves them. So pleased.

  15. Katie Morris

    Bought this for Xmas for my dad and he likes them

  16. Craig

    Great customer service, well packaged and very prompt delivery. These are the first pair of binoculars I have bought and will use them primarily for bird watching, so I found the choosing guide helpful. The build quality feels good and the image is sharp and clear. Really happy with them and would recommend both the binoculars and Avalon.

  17. John Raffin

    Pleased with the clear and sharp images, and feels well made. The only part I’m disappointed with is the strap. It feels cheap mine was frayed at one end. Apart from that time will tell.

  18. Dee

    Excellent. Very pleased with them. Clear viewing – easy to focus.

  19. Mark Andrew Payne

    Value for the money. Easy to carry in my rucksack light enough to wear round my neck. Good clear vision. Would recommend them to anyone.

  20. Jana

    These binoculars are great! They were a present for my husband and he absolutely loves them. He says they are compact enough to pack in his rucksack, light enough to wear on his neck and…strong enough to see what’s behind the corner…I am not prepared to believe that! Yes, overall a great purchase, would definitely recommend. J&R

  21. Erica

    24hr delivery – so quick, well packaged and just a brilliant purchase from Avalon. So easy to carry and use, magnification and clarity of the lenses are both amazing. So pleased that I got them – really enhancing countryside walks and spotting wildlife. Thoroughly recommend!!

  22. SimonP

    I’m very pleased with the purchase. An excellent pair of binoculars for the price. They take a little setting up and once so you will be ready for some very good viewing in my case bird watching. I was able to clearly see bramble and other hard to view birds from a comfortable distance.

  23. Allan

    Exceeded expectations in clarity performance weight and cost !

  24. Stephen Stein

    I got the Avalon 10 x 42 Pro Binoculars for my 91 year old Dad who is a avid bird watcher he text me . “Bird watching has become much more interesting these binoculars are great many thanks Dad “

  25. Mike R .

    Excellent product . Clear sharp focus . I will enjoy using these when out walking and watching the wildlife whilst I am fishing . For the price they are a really good pair of binoculars , I am very happy with my purchase . Also kept informed during delivery process and they arrived within two days .

  26. Simon

    Having worked my way through a number of average quality binoculars over the years I had always promised to get myself a ‘decent’ pair one day. I am glad I decided to step up to Avalon. Having tried them, ‘decent’ seems a bit of an insult, they are excellent. Crystal clear vision and easy to use. The captive lens caps are quite a unique feature and I will be interested to see how long they stay captive in the rough & tumble of outdoor use over the coming years.

  27. mick mccaul

    I have been meaning to buy a pair of binoculars for a long time. My brother has a pair
    of 10×42 binoculars, i tried them and they were fantastic, Avalons web site asks what
    you are using them for, i clicked on what the questions were asked, i could not believe it came up with the same pair 10×42, hence i bought them, and have not
    looked back.Many thanks AVALON.


  28. D Garrod

    These proved to be an ideal gift for my wife’s special birthday. Unfortunately, the searches I undertook of the product for some reason also came up on my wife’s iPhone so she knew I was looking at this gift for her. I find this a little disturbing.

  29. Pete

    These binoculars are fabulous. I would recommend them without any hesitation. A crisp clear view with great magnification – these binoculars really are good value for your money. I was so impressed, I even decided to write this short review which I would never usually concern myself with! I am very happy with my purchase, thanks to Avalon.

  30. Andy

    Delivery was very quick and very well packaged. Haven’t had the chance to try them much but they are a good size and weight and fit in the hand easily. Very easy to adjust and you get a great view, easy to follow the fox cubs playing with each other in my neighbour’s garden. The front covers being attached is a nice touch.

  31. Chris L

    Have avid birdwatcher friends and used their “bins” when out with them and realised what a window to the natural world they are. Although a very keen photographer ( so understand optical stuff) knew nothing about binoculars. So to research . Check with friends, ahhh , now I know why their “bins” so good. Let’s just say Leica. So to budget . Realistically wanted something half decent so set it at £200 . Specification Wanted 10-42 and if possible HD . Wanted them to be light and good looking. Review after review came up with two :Avalon and a certain camera make . Given Covid, a trial was out of question so the choice was difficult . In the end the weight issue won the day , and I have to admit the deal that was being offered which made it in my budget also had a bearing. Given I was fairly assured that the, ok let’s say it, the Nikon Prostaff 3 would be well made I was worried about the Avalon quality but felt confident that had they a reasonable returns policy if I felt they are not up to scratch. SO I ORDERD THEM . EEKKK.
    DELIVERY . Fantastic process kept fully informed and unbelievably arrived within 24 hrs of ordering. Seriously .
    QUALITY . LOVELY . Really well made nice to hold and easy to operate . The central ( focus) wheel is really easy to grip and operate.
    USE . They are a really good pair of binoculars and can be worn all day , they are so light. My wife carried them the other day and forgot she had them. Some reviews say case a bit small , I disagree . Also why bother with a case . these are hard wearing “ bins” designed to be used .
    CONCLUSION if you are looking for a well made high spec bins for birdwatching and general nature and have £200.00 these in my view are as good as you will get. As a serious amateur photographer, I am extremely pleased with the purchase.

  32. Simon Kitchen

    Purchased as a treat for my self.
    They are just about the right weight and very easy to carry.
    Very easy to use and easy to focus.
    I like the idea of the lens covers attached to the binoculars, stops them from getting lost.
    I am extremely happy with my purchase and would definitely recommend them.

  33. Peter Davies

    Did my research and these came up as the best compact 10×42 bins for around the £200 mark. I am not disappointed with them. They are lightweight and the image quality is clear and bright. My only small gripe would be that they do not have a graduated scale for the diopter adjustment. That would have been useful I feel. Otherwise superb kit…

  34. Gillian

    We’ve had binoculars for years, buy my husband wanted some stronger ones for out in the town or countryside to see birds and animals close up. I bought him the binoculars for his birthday, yesterday. We live on Faversham Creek and get a variety of birds especially waders like redshanks, oyster catchers, dippers, avocets, herons and egrets so a close up of these lovely birds is now much easier with the Avalon 10×42 Pro HD and he can see them very clearly from our window without disturbing the birds. Can’t wait to be out on a walk at a nearby sanctuary and taking them on holiday ( when we’re allowed !) They’re not too heavy to carry on a walk and waterproof too, easy to use and adjust to your eyesight, what more could he want. Definitely recommended.

  35. Dan Parkes

    Brilliant. Perfect for bird watching and outdoor pursuits.

  36. Mrs Virginia Hayes

    Excellent value for money, really pleased with the way they handle, not too heavy for a woman either!

  37. Martyn bird

    Great binoculars for bird watching sharp viewing easy to use with clear and easy adjustable focusing lens. Not to heavy for long standing use. Images so clear. Good range and price was good to for top quality product. Delivery was outstanding, even arrived 2 days earlier than stated. Thank you.

  38. David Woodhouse

    All the reviewers were right, an excellent pair of binoculars and next day delivery to boot. First class equipment and service!

  39. Terry Ward

    Bought these as a gift for my son. He has tried them and thinks they are great. He can’t wait to get out and use them.

  40. Derek Norton

    Very pleased with these binoculars. Bird spotting has improved!
    I would recommend them.

  41. David Newman

    A most excellent pair of binoculars. I can actually see things in detail! The field of view and magnification are just right for birdwatching and general use. Exactly as described. Thank you so much, highly recommended.

  42. Colin S

    I purchased these following a friends recommendation plus reading a variety of reviews. They arrived very quickly & are considerably lighter than my old x10 magnification pair. They have a very bright image, are clear, easy to adjust & focus. Good quality case & easily adjusted strap. I think they are excellent value especially with current discounted price. In fact I was so impressed I bought a pair for my wife.

  43. Pam

    All the reviews were outstanding and they were not wrong, service was amazing, looking forward to using them.

  44. Brian

    I bought these binoculars to replace old 20×50’s. I have found them to be very good for near to mid range viewing although they are useful to pin point at longer range.
    They are easy to set up and set when more than one person are using. I have found them ideal for bird watching which is my main reason for buying this size.
    They are light weight and the lenses are well protected when carrying with neck strap
    Overall very good and at a competitive price.

  45. K. McCormack

    These were purchased by my son for me, I have found them excellent for bird watching.

  46. Robert Austin

    The 10×42 PRO HD Binoculars are probably some of the best binoculars I ve ever bought.
    Fantastic for bird watching and astronomy.
    They are compact and super light awesome 👍
    Would highly recommend.

  47. Jacqueline Stewart

    My husband bought these as a gift for me and hasn’t stopped using them since!😊
    From the few occasions I have managed to use them I have noted they are sleek, compact and very easy to use, providing high quality images of the natural world.
    Having researched for at least two weeks for this special ‘gift’ my husband chose extremely well as this particular model has greatly enhanced our bird watching experience. They now sit ready at all times on the table by the window, for indoor use to watch the varied wildlife in the garden, but also ready to lift when going walking. They will bring us great pleasure and a crystal clear view for years to come.
    I will now need to refer him to the Chanel Website for my real ‘gift’ 😊

  48. Sarah

    Love these binoculars – they were my first binoculars and are fantastic – very clear, very light and really easy to use. I use them mainly for bird watching and they are great. Definitely recommend these.

  49. Alex

    I’ve been using my old 7 X 50 for over 40 years but thought it was time to modernise, so I went for the 10 X 42 HD something with a bit more magnification but also has a big enough front lens for brightness.
    Tried them out superb clarity and ease of focus, I bought these for our motor cruiser holiday up The Great Glen Scotland early next year.
    If you’re looking for binocs, I would recommend Avalon.

  50. Peter Ace

    Fantastic service and product

  51. June

    Really pleased with
    my binoculars, we’ve just returned from bird watching in Portugal. Looks like I’ll have to buy a pair for my husband this Christmas, he kept borrowing mine!

  52. Mr Kendall

    I’m new to using binoculars and having read countless reviews, trying to understand the various terms and meanings of magnification etc. I came across Avalon and well I’m typing this review extremely satisfied with my purchase and the professionalism of this company. Thankyou for starting me on my journey.

  53. Dave Jones

    Although not had them long. Do seem to be well built and clear through the lens. Not had much chance to test them out and about.

  54. Robert Smith

    Excellent product quality very happy with them

  55. Ian Wylie

    I bought these to replace very old binos, the difference in performance between my old ones ( which were the same size ) is phenomenal. I use them for general long distance viewing for which they are excellent.

  56. David Bluett

    I bought these to replace my 30 year old 8×30 binoculars. All I can say is that these are in a totally different league. Lovely to use and crystal clear.

  57. Ian L

    Super fast delivery, Binoculars are very light with clear instructions as to how to get the best from them

  58. David Mowbray

    Lightweight, love that the lens covers are attached, clear viewing and great zoom.

  59. Ian Hawke

    I’ve had these now for a few weeks and have used them every week at the Vyne (National Trust) where we have a wetlands area and many different birds, yesterday we had our 3 cormorants return after a long time, the clarity is absolutely incredible, also the views at Lepe, so incredible compared to my 40 year old binoculars which are so much heavier, and the focal adjustment is so smooth and quick. Case is a bit snug with the strap but hey, these are awesome and I have to keep passing them to my wife as the old ones don’t compare, I know what’s coming for her next birthday! Top quality, would recommend to anybody.

  60. LB

    The speed of delivery was outstanding, with my binoculars arriving even sooner than promised. Super box and packaging too, making these perfect for gifts. I’m a birdwatcher, and I’ve only had the chance to test these out a couple of times, but I’ve found the clarity and magnification to be impressive for such an economical pair of binoculars. They are heavier than my other bins – 8×32 Opticrons, obviously, but I expected this, and they are not too heavy, especially as I have also treated myself to a harness to use instead of the neck strap. So far, I’ve been viewing in places where I can rest my elbows on something. I’m a small female, so I suspect they might prove harder to hold steady just using my arm power, but I’ll do my best, as these are otherwise a truly super pair of binoculars – and what an incredible price!

  61. Alan Weekes

    Light and compact, easy to use but powerful enough to do the job. Much lighter than others I have used, which makes it a lot easier to carry and use for long periods. Very satisfied.

  62. Vydmantas

    Small,compact,light-nice binoculars.

  63. Tracy

    I posted a review in July and because I was so pleased with my binoculars I decided to purchase another pair as a gift for my daughter who is equally impressed. Thank you.

  64. Steph JW Marriott

    Bought these for a birthday gift, he’s very happy with them. Despite being quite a bit bigger than the last pair, they are very light to carry. Excellent focus and range, perfect for birdwatching and enjoying the countryside.

  65. Kenny Anderson

    Binoculars are amazing good value for money & arrived on time.

  66. Garry J

    I have been looking for a pair of binoculars for some time for general use, I am pleased that I chose these, the image is clear and they are comfortable to use. They also arrived very promptly.

  67. Michael Parden

    First class, in every respect: thank you. Perfect for me (amateur) and beyond. Highly recommended: excellent binoculars.

  68. Frederick W Mills

    Great binoculars, great service well done Avalon would recommend.

  69. Jacqui

    Lovely, lightweight binoculars. Very easy to use, very pleased with them
    Amazing delivery – ordered at about 6 in the morning, dispatched at 8.30, with me next morning – fantastic service

  70. Tracy

    My first ever pair of binoculars and they are superb. I’ve wanted to pursue my birdwatching more seriously for some time but my vision let’s me down even in the garden.

    I wear specs and my sight is deteriorating so I spent quite some time researching binoculars in the mid price range knowing that my investment now will hopefully suffice my needs over the coming years.

    I read lots of positive reviews and but decided to go with the 10×42 for the long term investment. Over the past week I’ve used them in various settings and have not been disappointed on any level with or without specs. I love all the “attached” bits. These binoculars have opened up a whole new world for me.

    On another note. I have new experienced such excellent first class customer service that I have had with Avalon. The problem was probably due to my ignorance as a first time purchaser to be honest. Having tried the comprehensive website to solve my query but was at a loss I emailed later on the day I unpacked and 6.30am my query was answered and solved. Excellent.

    I would and have recommended these binoculars to anyone that is prepared to listen as I demonstrate my new pair! Latest audience was yesterday when I visited my daughter who lives with an idyllic Norfolk bird and wildlife spot and as we sat outside a Marsh Harrier flew over! Another customer on the way most probably.

    Once again a big thank for an excellent product and customer service that more than exceeded my expectations.

  71. Steve Allen

    Fantastic binoculars. Very easy to use. Crystal clear viewing. Lightwieght and easy to carry around.

  72. Fergus Tomlinson

    Fantastic binoculars, light weight so easy to carry.
    Look no further than Avalon for your next pair of Binoculars.

  73. Mark Adams

    This is my 2nd purchase from Avalon I had a compact pair of 8×32’s which were excellent and decided to upgrade to a mid set of 10x42s which are also excellent and do the job perfectly. The customer service with this company is very professional and dealt with a query I had in a prompt and effective manner. I have recommended Avalon to friends and colleagues and would certainly recommend them to anyone looking for quality binoculars at a reasonable price.

  74. J acton

    Excellent binoculars for the money. My husband loves them. Everything is so clear and brilliant range. Highly recommended

  75. Andrew

    Always wanted to buy a decent pair of binoculars especially as im getting more into bird watching,very impressed with not only the price but the quality as well, these Binoculars was so good i bought my dad some .

  76. Bernie

    They’re good, just what I want in viewing aircraft and nature, I would recommend them.

  77. Keith B

    I chose the Avalon 10×42 PRO HD’s after quite a bit of research, and in fact I tested them alongside a brand leader of exactly the same spec. The Avalon’s came out on top in every aspect and were nearly £100 cheaper. Wether it’s birding, plane spotting or watching sport, in my opinion the Avalon 10×42 PRO HD binoculars are an excellent all rounder. Together with an excellent sales/customer service and a very quick free delivery, coupled with a lifetime VIP warranty the Avalon’s are an ideal choice, enjoy

  78. Barbara

    Excellent product. The description is everything it says they are. Couldn’t believe how quick the delivery was arriving the next day! Very pleased.

  79. Keith Mitchell

    I bought these for my wife as she is keen on wildlife and I wanted binoculars that were light, well made and very good quality optics and these certainly ticked all the boxes.
    Delivery was very fast so I can highly recommend Avalon for your needs.

  80. Steve White

    We spent some time researching makes and models and chose Avalon 10×42 after reading various reports. They are all the reports have said, very light, steady to use, crystal clear lenses and the magnification is fantastic. They were slightly more than we wanted to pay but well worth it. Do we recommend this product yes of course 100%.
    The delivery was amazing as well, order placed at 11.00 and received at 14.00 the follow day, great service

  81. William Clews

    Got these as a birthday present and am extremely happy with them! I use them with my glasses because I find that the wind out eye pieces don’t stay put and it easier to leave my glasses on anyway. Super quality feel and tremendous image.

    Weldone my wife for choosing Avalon.

  82. Neil

    Great binoculars . Just what we wanted to watch the birds in our garden or deer in the fields next to the house . Needed a pair to use with glasses and these work really well with or without . A real step up from my present pair . Had an issue with one of the eyepiece adjusters . A new pair was supplied by Avalon within a few days . Great after sales service and the new pair are perfect .

  83. Barry Lougher

    Did my research and found this pair from Avalon. Had them a couple of weeks now and am very pleased. Solid, quality feel about them and very good in different light levels. A lifetime guarantee for peace of mind.

  84. Dave

    Excellent. Very clear. Able to see fine detail. Quick and easy to focus. Good weight. 10×42 provides a good range especially for bird and wildlife watching. Anything further would require a tripod or very steady pair of hands.
    These Pro HDs seem to have the important features – fully multi coated, anti fog-up, waterproof etc. but I have not (yet) put them to any extremes.


    Just purchased. The limited use has confirmed to me the binoculars are just what I wished for.

  86. Rosemary Mackenzie

    Great binoculars, bought as a present for my husband so he has not got them yet. Fantastic price for the quality and the service and delivery superb. Thank you.

  87. stu harding

    Great birthday present. Very easy to use. Very clear. Light and good fun. Good price. Good website. Well done folks!!

  88. Paul

    Received my new Avalon binoculars two weeks ago, they were delivered in two days, an excellent piece of kit at a reasonable price, easy smooth central focus ring, look smart and robust, very pleased with the quality.

  89. Anthony Crolla

    Far exceeded my expectations. Excellent quality and really good service. Would recommend highly

  90. Rol

    Just purchased a set of these. You can feel the quality as soon as you get them out of the box. The image is crystal clear, and bright. Perfect size too for fitting in my rucksack when on my country walks. I use them for everything from general countryside viewing, bird watching, animal watching and learning about trees. The delivery service was quick and the customer service at Avalon is second to none. I can highly recommend these binoculars and this company. Thanks Avalon.

  91. Buzz Evans

    I’ve been wanting a good pair of binoculars for some time . I am an avid birder and have several feeders in my back yard and every bird that is in our state come to our feeders . I can’t tell you how pleased I am when I decided to buy these . Perfect , couldn’t have ask for anything better. Thank you for making such a great product .

  92. Alan lauder

    Just purchased a pair of 10×42 HD pro arrived yesterday 3rd April.
    Tried them out today must say the clarity is amazing !
    Would highly recommend
    These bino’s . They arrived 2 days after order was placed excellent service

  93. Neil Huggon

    Purchased in late March, but sadly because of the current state the country is in, I have only been able to test my new 10×42 binoculars in the garden. But my first impressions are very favourable for the price. They are solid to handle and very easy to focus. I like the drop down large ends protection and small ends easy to adjust covers. Am really looking forward to the days when I can use them on RSPB sites when the country gets back to normal

  94. Gerry Harper

    Yet to be used ‘in the field. Impressive when trying them in my garden. although I keep forgetting to wind out the eye viewers. An excellent mid-price range of binoculars.

  95. Jeanette Hosking

    Got these as a birthday present and am extremely happy with them! Had a problem with the eyecup not staying in place so contacted Avalon and they sent me a new pair within a couple of days! Customer service is brilliant!

  96. ken Nicholson

    problem with eye cup but quickly replaced with new pair within 4 days very happy with
    the binoculars all good

  97. Bethan

    These are binoculars of exceptional quality for a very reasonable price. I have also been extremely happy with the customer service of Avalon Optics. Thank you!

  98. Brian Speers

    Excellent binoculars. They were a present off my wife and I am enjoying using them very much. They are so clear and a good size. They are a good weight, not too heavy and it’s easy enough to carry them around my neck.

  99. Mike Compton

    The clarity of these binoculars are excellent. I am new to bird watching and I find these binoculars are truly excellent so clear I can identify the birds I am looking at no trouble. The service from Avalon Optics was second to none though the courier managed to deliver to the wrong address it was quickly sorted for me to enjoy my purchase.

  100. John B

    Bought these as a present for someone going on safari. They have arthritic hands so needed something light and easy to hold and focus. The 10×42 spec gives a great, sharp view over a good distance and they have proved easy to both hold and operate. The price is excellent and the performance is certainly as good as many of the more expensive brands, Very pleased with the purchase and would buy a pair for my own use when I need to change my current compact binoculars.

  101. Jean Everson

    Bought these to replace an old large heavy pair of 8×50. Seem very good and just what I wanted.

  102. Andy

    Perfect for safari and birdwatching

  103. Ann P

    As a first time binocular user I am amazed by these. Simple to set up but wow. I purchased them for a future Safari and because I have recently moved to live beside the sea. From my garden I can see the yachts sailing past and pick out details that were just a blur. I can spot butterflies in a far off bush and read the letters on tankers that are just blobs on the horizon.
    These are one of the best things I have treated myself to in years (and that includes a rather expensive handbag) they are going to provide years of pleasure.
    I can’t wait to take them on Safari

  104. David K. Roy

    Just purchased a pair of HD Avalon 10x 42 binoculars very pleased . Delivery very quick .Looked at the moon with them last night very bright clear image.Fast to focus Good sharp detail of craters . You could even make out the moon shadow. Also tracked a private jet which flew over our house and filled the frame.comfortable to hold. Very good value for money.Looking forward to taking them out on our walks to see more wildlife.

  105. annette Cooper

    have had these Avalon 10×42 binoculars for a couple of months now and am very pleased with the way they perform, very comfortable to use, a nice weight and very clear to look through. Very good value and have no hesitation in recommended these.

  106. David

    Hi Folks at Avalon, I am completely delighted with my new 10×42 PRO HD Binoculars. Practical to use; easily portable and adjustable to give sharp viewing. I would recommend them to anyone wanting to purchase an all-round great pair of binoculars.

  107. Digger

    I purchased these binoculars to look at wild life, as well as landscapes. They will do both, a great investment & well worth the price I paid.

  108. William Power

    Not had a chance to use them yet, but they feel well made and should last a long time.

  109. Nicebutdim

    Bright powerful and good value

  110. Joanne Stawinoga

    better than I expected. Had a pair of 12 x 25 Tasco and just couldn’t seem to get them adusted right . probably operator error. but these Avalon are super easy to use and much brighter image , Really happy with them.

  111. David

    Wanted to buy a decent pair of binoculars for a safari trip to South Africa, did a lot of research and finally settled on these. We were not disappointed. Prompt delivery and well packed. These are the first binoculars I have used that give me a razor sharp single image whilst wearing my glasses, had no problems adjusting or focusing them. Took them to our local RSPB reserve for a trial run and both my wife and I were extremely impressed with how well they performed. Well worth the money.

  112. Deborah Beck

    Have just returned from Costa Rica where I tested my new binoculars. They are fab so pleased with them was able to see high up in to the rainforest and view beautiful birds.

  113. Phil Bell

    Compact and lightweight pair of quality binoculars with sharp powerful lenses . Very well made and well worth the money at that price .

  114. Noel Bell

    Bought these for my own general use. I find them very comfortable and easy to hold and manipulate. The image clarity is excellent as is the brightness.

  115. Julie Coombes

    Excellent binoculars for the price. Easy to use straight out of the box. Crystal-clear view and lightweight to carry. Ordered and received promptly. RECOMMENDED PURCHASE.

  116. Bill Wilson

    Wanted these for my wife’s birthday. She is a keen bird-watcher.
    Clarity is great and the compact lightness enables steady viewing. We have had other binoculars but find the Avalon 10×42 binoculars to be ideal for bird-watching and all round viewing. My wife is “wrapped” with my gift.

  117. John March

    I purchased these binoculars as a present for my granddaughter. I am very pleased with them and my granddaughter is also. She wanted them for bird watching and for star gazing. So far she has not been able to use them for the stars but has found them to be fine for bird watching. I was keen to find a pair of binoculars to cover both subjects at a reasonable weight. I am confident they will prove to be fine for both her needs once the weather allows good clear night skies.

  118. Philip

    I am very pleased with the binoculars – great focus, well made and very neat. Impressed with the strap and general quality thank you

  119. Ray Reynolds

    Very pleased, excellent value, why spend hundreds when you get binoculars like these, prompt well organised delivery also

  120. Lawrie

    Happy with these bino’s , clarity of lenses is up there with more expensive brands, focus ring is smooth and precise, eye cups work great with or without glasses on. All round really good quality at a fair price.

  121. Tim Colgate

    Haven’t had a real opportunity to use them fully since they arrived. However, they arrived the day after I ordered them and setting up was fairly easy – I did use YouTube – and the initial viewing from my house appears to be clear and the the optics crisp. They appear to be a great purchase. Thank you Avalon, your explanation of the different types of binoculars enabled me to make this purchase. Really impressed

  122. John Cartwright

    Great binoculars at a great price. Perfect for watching wildlife, good clear vision, brilliant for the price

  123. Dave Weaving

    At this price I was more than happy. They are relatively light , well made and the view through them is clear and precise. I am more than happy with them.

  124. Albert Cheong

    Not too large, lightweight, and I find it small enough to carry in my small backpack without compromising the space in the pack for other things, clarity is very good compared to other binoculars that I had.

  125. Martin

    Great quality binoculars at a very competitive price. Light weight and comfortable to use., and easy to set diopter focus. Rapid delivery.
    Easy to focus, and will focus down to about 10 feet, which is helpful in the garden.
    Feel very solid and well made. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to others.

  126. Martin Canton

    Great price for the quality of these binoculars. Delivery was very quick, and instructions more than adequate. Setting up focus was very straightforward, and they are light and comfortable in use. I have only used budget binoculars previously, and was amazed at the clarity of the image. I was also pleased that they focus down to about 10 feet, which is helpful for watching birds in the garden.
    Overall these binoculars are excellent value for money, and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to others.

  127. max ketchin

    It’s a long time since I’ve had binoculars and I was looking for a pair to use for bird spotting in and around my garden. These binoculars are perfect, they are a great size and have brilliant optics. They are very clear and although i have a slight problem with one of my eyes they are easy to set up to obtain clear vision all the time. The pop out eye cups are great and save messy marks on the viewing lenses. I would recommend these binoculars very highly indeed

  128. glenys santer

    i needed new binoculars as i now wear glasses and this was difficult with my old bins. the difference is fantastic, nice and light good clarity especially when the light is not good.value for money.

  129. J. Robinson

    Very pleased with the Binoculars. Not yet field tested but I’m sure they will be just fine going on the results of using them around the garden. Very clear and sharp images

  130. Derek J. Wood

    Really decent binoculars for the price. Like a lot of Ornithologists I always went for names like Kowa and Opticron. Both made in Japan. Avalon have all the accessories you expect to find on more pricey binoculars. I like the soft feel, the thumb grips, the attached lens caps ( which can be replaced if lost) and really good quality carrying strap. My only gripe is the centre focus wheel has too much travel before you get sharp images of woodland birds. Time you get it in focus it usually has flown off! Would like to know more about the company and where they are made etc. I am convinced in the near future Avalon will be as widely known as Leica or Zeiss.

  131. Alan Conner

    Ok but clear markings for chosen diopter and inter eye settings would be helpful. Perhaps I should have tried other makes in stores first

  132. Frank Agosto

    I chose Avalon binoculars to replace a pair of other branded bin’s stolen from my car. First impressions are favourable and the general ease of use and accurate adjustments appear far superior to previous binoculars I’ve owned.

  133. patricia hurley

    Excellent customer service! One of the extending eye pieces did not stay in position when pulled out. I emailed Avalonoptics on Monday; a new replacement pair arrived Tuesday!

  134. Thiago Kathirasoo

    I had grown used to my old Swift Trilytes and was not expecting the Avalon 10×42 Pro HD to impress me but the image quality is very good and particularly so in low light conditions. Highly recommended

  135. Robeena

    Bought them for birdwatching and although I haven’t had a chance to try them out on an outing yet, I have been able to test them out on the trees around my home and I can say that they are easy to handle and once you adjust the settings, the views are crisp and clear.

  136. Dan

    Great value for these compact and clear binoculars. Easy to adjust and ideal for my line of work (horse trainer), even in the dark.

  137. Kellen Ronnau

    The price is considerably less then the brand names so I was skeptical of the claims made by the company. We just want to be able to watch the duck on our pond and do a little bird watching. The binoculars are great with clear views and excellent details. They are light weight and easy to use. The carrying case and strap are a little cheap but they work well. Even if I lose them I can buy another pair and still be less cost than the competition. I would recommend them to anyone who wants binoculars but is not a fanatic. For the average user these are much more affordable and work well.

  138. Kathrin Asto

    As expected, the lenses and the binocular itself are of excellent quality.
    It was a Christmas present for my husband, he is very happy.
    Service and delivery was excellent too!

  139. EC

    Clear vision field, excellent for scouring mountains in search for wandering sheep.

  140. Alexander Brymer

    Now that Christmas has passed I have tried out my 1st pair of binoculars and i am very happy with my purchase they are very easy to use and the sharpness of what I have seen so far is absolutely fantastic definitely money well spent thanks

  141. John Jerwood

    Fast delivery and very pleased with the binoculars. They are light, easy to adjust and provide a clear image when observing birds and other wildlife. Good value.

  142. Emma

    Very impressed, bought for a Christmas present so have just tried them out. They are weighty but not too heavy. Feel good quality. Very happy with the magnification. As for delivery, couldn’t fault it at all. Overall, very happy and will recommend.

  143. Christine Straker

    Lovely binoculars, great Christmas present for my husband.

  144. Lewis Taylor

    Excellent quality optics. Good clear field of view, easily adjusted, lightweight and amazing value. Spent a long time researching and eventually settled on these for quality and value. Not regretted it.

  145. Stephen Cluff

    What’s not to like about these Binoculars , A great product and unbelievable price , Highly recommended,

  146. Ken Gill

    Very good quality for the price,optics are excellent,bought as Christmas present,highly recommend them

  147. Jean Jackson

    Really pleased with these binoculars!
    Only used them once so far but they are so clear giving lots of detail.

  148. Jim Perry

    Quality is as expected

  149. Stan Weeden

    very good binoculars very smooth to focus they are good in dull conditions I could not be more pleased
    for the quality and price and very fast delivery first class service I would recommend these to anybody

  150. john kent

    these binoculars are very good I live on the east coast so a lot of ship watching a little blip in the distance whoosh you got a ship easy to use straight out of box

  151. john kent

    give avalon 10 out of 10 for these 10×42 value for money as i live by the sea a lot of ships on the horizon as blips made me smile can see the light on the vessel now these are easy to use and are well worth the money

  152. Rob Fischer

    My daughter is using my pair of 10×42 binoculars for her PhD on birds in the Darwin area. Since she likes them so much I decided a pair for herself might be a good idea and I can reclaim mine. A good x-mas present

  153. Dorothy Pratt

    Had various new pairs of binoculars both cheap and expensive over the years due to bu,ping, dropping and loss. Tried other binoculars before choosing these. Clarity is brilliant and great over long distances. Easily adjustable between my husbands long sightedness and my short sightedness. Comfortable feel in the hands, light to carry .
    Meet our needs perfectly 👍👍👍👍👍

  154. G Wilson

    Tried the new binoculars on our property and they are very good. Able to identify livestock and wildlife from great distances. Better than the cheap pair that we use to have. (until they broke) New pair smaller and easier to carry around.

  155. Pat

    Amazing. So clear and with the neck strap, perfect

  156. Colin Gimson

    Just tried these binoculars from my house but the clarity is brilliant. Very light compared to the ones i had and much sharper. First impressions suggest these are a really good buy. Looking forward to using them on my holidays.

  157. William Bruce Bartlett

    Tried them out this morning looking good and nice and light to carry

  158. Tahira Dunn

    Quick delivery of a really great pair of binoculars. My husband loves them.

  159. don

    light,very clear,great color

  160. Rod P.

    Used the binoculars on the weekend and found them to be very clear and easy to use and suited my purpose very well

  161. Greg

    Bought these to use on a safari. Had an old 8×40 bulky set from another brand which i didnt really care for and frankly never used. Now that i wear glasses i dont care for binoculars at all BUT these were really fantastic. The images were crystal clear and for safari biewing they were truly percect. A friend used them and bought a pair himself mid safari. Love them!

  162. Ryan

    If you are like me, you are trawling the internet in search of an affordable pair of binoculars. I found this pair and read all the reviews on this website and on Procular and was so impressed I decided to purchase them. I cannot say how happy I am with the purchase! The image is crystal clear, they are so easy to use and can be used from a distance of 3m. They are really a great pair of binoculars. The low price is just a bonus.


    I bought them as a gift for my sister and she is into bird watching. She told me they were great and how all the colors just come alive. She was very happy to have got them and said she would tell fellow birders about how wonderful they are. Thank you so much for such a great product and a great gift for her. Terie Scott

  164. Rex

    Very good binoculars for the price. Fast delivery and a quality product. Very happy.

  165. Steve M

    Easy to order. Fast delivery.
    Binoculars are very impressive. Nice size and weight with excellent optics.
    Highly recommended.

  166. Jim Murray

    I found that these binoculars ticked all the boxes for me in respect of being a good price, fairly lightweight and a compact sized unit. The lenses themselves have, on early testing, provided really great sharp images. My intention is to use them for wildlife spotting and landscapes. I feel sure that these binoculars will do an excellent job, so I am well satisfied. Thanks Avalon for mailing them promptly, and giving excellent service all round.

  167. Thomas Greenwell

    This is a great product for the price… Not perfect but very good.

  168. John

    Great around Binoculars at a very reasonable price. Have used then in Ireland over past month for bird watching and general viewing and happy with results. Recommended as great alround binoculars.

  169. Britt

    Great, especially for the price! They are bright and clear, if a little blurry at further focus levels. An awesome edition to my birding gear, and I am very much looking forward to taking them on bush walks and holidays.

  170. Diego

    I bought the Mini HD first, and within a week my wife had basically claimed them as their own. So I got the Pro HD shortly after, and I couldn’t be happier. They’re both great for whale watching, boat watching in the harbor, and even full moon watching. The Pro HD are still light enough to held with one hand, although my wife prefers the Mini HD, and she doesn’t mind giving up the 2X difference.

  171. Tim

    These binoculars are excellent. Very sharp and clear.
    First class service delivery

  172. Craig

    Overall, I am very satisfied with these binoculars.

    The optical image is bright and sharp – which is clearly the key starting point. I tested them against my Tasco 10×50 Porro Prism binos (admittedly now 20 years old but in excellent condition) and these are brighter despite the smaller objective lens. They are light weight and reasonably compact, given the image quality and magnification. The attached objective lens caps work well. The eye piece caps a little less so for me, as I use a tripod adaptor for carrying, rather than a strap (which the cap is designed to hang off). The materials make it very grippy, which will be good in adverse weather. The focus adjustment requires quite a bit of turn to go from close distance to far, but the plus side is it offers excellent fine-tuning focus adjustment. I did not measure if the 3m minimum focus distance is completely accurate, but I can confirm that it does focus quite close (especially compared to my 10×50).

    On the slightly negative side:one of the twisting eye cups is too stiff to get to the most outward position. Additionally, it can also be a little difficult to get the eye accurately aligned for a completely clear image – it seems to need to be very precisely in position. Perhaps this will just be a case of getting used to the new ergonomics.

  173. jeff Coppersmith

    I have only used these new binoculars for NASCAR and they were perfect for that. I purchased them for my wife for our safari because the are smaller and lighter than the pair I own. We may have to trade off with this pair since they were so good.

  174. Francois Cappy

    I could be a bit biased having only owned horse racing kind of binoculars but I’m very happy with that new pair that I had for 3 months. Really good and sharp viewing. Looking forward to my holidays in West Canada in a couple of months..

  175. Judith carter

    The first pair of binoculars I have actually been able to see birds while wearing my glasses. These are perfect . Thank you.

  176. Lynn de la Torre

    I have a pond behind me and I purchased to look at the birds and all the other animals that are around that I’m unable to see them without extra help!! These are perform for my needs!

  177. David Haynes

    Used them today to watch Little Athletics and I could identify my grandkids on the other side of the oval who were not recognisable to the naked eye. Exactly what I wanted them for. Very happy

  178. Margaret

    The binoculars are perfect for seeing across the lake. They are a little heavy to hold steady, as mentioned by other reviews, but I like what I see.

  179. Col Chaffey

    The delivery of my binoculars was communicated extremely well and arrived very quickly. They are as advertised, clear and sharp! Could not be happier 😜👍🏻

  180. Rob Doughty

    Love these. Perfect for bird watching. Perfect size. Easy to use. Easy to carry.

  181. Sue Thompson

    Love the binoculars. They cover all that I want them to do and are so easy to use. Very impressed with the updates on exactly where the package was in its travels and final notification that they had been delivered. Thank you for a great product and excellent service.

  182. Les

    More than adequate for primary use which is bird finding. Compact and light.

  183. Judith Hawkes

    We are yet to use these for holiday purposes, but we have tried them out at home and they are easy to use with good vision. Lightweight, which will be good for our purposes. Excellent delivery times. We are actually planning on buying a second pair, so that we don’t have to share!

  184. Emily

    I purchased these as my first own pair for bird watching, after always borrowing binoculars from much more experienced twitchers. They are perfect – extremely light weight and so compact that I carry them with me in my handbag in my day-to-day. They provide an exquisitely clear view. They arrived quickly and beautifully packaged, were easy to ‘set up’ and the carry bag has a very convenient belt loop. All of this for an excellent price.

  185. Alan D

    Great customer service, well packaged and prompt delivery. Binoculars are great price and are ideal for my intended use. Highly recommended.

  186. Steve H

    Best customer service ever.
    Faulty binoculars were replaced within 7 days, no fuss, many thanks to the customer support team
    Binoculars are great.

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