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Avalon 10×42 PRO HD Binoculars (PLATINUM)

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Ignite your sense of adventure with the new Avalon 10×42 PRO HD. The world’s lightest professional level binoculars. Order a pair and begin your adventure today.

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Product Highlights

  • Beautifully designed and packaged for personal use or gift.
  • Twist-down eyecups for viewing with or without glasses.
  • Ideal for general or home viewing, scenery, bird watching, travel, sports, nature, wildlife, safari, star gazing and the outdoors.
  • Powerful 10x magnification and fully multicoated optics. Bright, razor sharp images from 10 feet and up to 30 miles and beyond.
  • Lightweight, mid-sized, professional level binoculars weighing only 550 grams (19.4 oz).
  • 100% Waterproof and fog-proof, body internally purged with nitrogen gas to prevent corrosion or lens fogging.
  • Binoculars, Avalon carry case, neck strap, protective covers and gift box are included.
  • Covered by Avalon’s 90-days money back guarantee and VIP lifetime warranty.


Avalon Optics Model




Objective Lens Diameter

42 mm

Exit Pupil

4.2 mm

Eye Relief

15 mm

Prism Type

BAK-4, Roof

Lens Coating

Fully Multicoated





Nitrogen Filled


Closest Focusing Distance

9.8 ft (3 m)

Field of View

283 ft / 1000 yards

Angle of View


Interpupillary Distance

56mm – 74mm


5.6 x 4.9 inch (14.3 x 12.4 cm)


550 grams (19.4 oz)

170 reviews for Avalon 10×42 PRO HD Binoculars (PLATINUM)

  1. Gary Jogela

    We already own the 8×32 version which is a really good set of binoculars. Therefore we expected the 10×42 set to be even better. A little larger,a little heavier but the extra magnification and field of vision is very satisfying. Delivery was extremely quick too.

  2. Virginia Warlow

    I bought these for my husband, a keen amateur bird watcher and motorcyclist. He’s delighted basically. They are light and the carry case with strap make them super convenient when out riding. I chose them in platinum so they’re easy to spot if left lying around, in addition to making a pleasant change from the usual black. The reduced price made them an even more attractive purchase. Would recommend.

  3. Peter

    I really like these binoculars. I’m not a binocular expert but these work great for my general nature watching. Friends who are long term binocular owners were also complimentary.

  4. Jackie Meredith

    I love these binoculars. I wanted them primarily for bird watching on the Anglesey coast but we’ve also been able to use them for seal spotting. They are easy to focus, nice & light to use. Perfect.

  5. Sarah

    Amazing! My first pair of binoculars and I couldn’t be happier. Currently sat in beautiful Scotland looking at the birds and scenery. Looking forward to some star gazing this evening! The binoculars arrived quickly and were easy to set up and get used to. Everyone that has used them has been impressed.

  6. Joan

    My first purchase of binoculars and I’m not disappointed. I started off answering the questions in the ‘Easy Binoculars Finder’ section of the website. This resulted in buying the ‘Avalon 10×42 Pro HD Binoculars (Platinum). Delivery was prompt and they arrived well packaged with easy to follow instructions. I even managed to fit the neck strap without too much effort. The binoculars are lightweight, attractive, with superb optics. I bought them for bird watching and they are proving to be a fabulous buy.

  7. Icky

    I’ve always had binoculars of one type or another, but never anything either expensive or of real quality. I’d always wanted a pair of “birdwatching” binoculars though, similar to those that are always seen on the TV nature programs, etc. but having seen the price of them, I imagined them all to be in the couple of grand mark, and way out of my price range.
    However, I thought, stuff it, I’m treating myself and after several days of looking & reading, weighing up the pros & cons of several makes & types, I finally settled on the Avalon 10×42 Pro HD Platinums.
    They’ve got a reassuring weight to them, yet are a perfect size and not heavy, and the clarity through the lenses is way beyond anything I’d had previously. I love them !
    I had my first proper use of them the other day, when the local Sparrowhawk pounced on a Starling in the garden. Unlucky for the poor Starling, but lucky for me and the binoculars were just perfect.

  8. Steve

    Lovely piece of kit. No complaints at all but more powerful than I required.Returned with no hassle and I kept the brilliant 8×32 ordered at the same time.

  9. Peter Collins

    A birthday present for my wife – we are keen bird watchers. She took them to our local WWT site this week and described them as ‘brilliant’. I agree – superb optics, very light, nicely balanced and they are great value. Our only (minor) criticism is that the case is too small. The Avalon team are exceptionally efficient.

  10. Julian

    I bought binoculars for Xmas present.Excellent-soon to be on owl watch.

  11. Mal

    Wish to say how pleased we are with the purchase of the 10 x 42 binoculars. They are beautifully made and provide a very sharp and bright image. Met all our expectations with very prompt free delivery. Thank you

  12. Chris

    Brilliant. Love them. Light and easy to carry in your hand with excellent optics. They are going to the Antarctic with me!

  13. Stephen

    I much prefer these to my other 20×50 U boat bins. Don’t be tempted by higher magnification. These 10×42’s are all you need

  14. Mick Danby

    Arrived very quickly brilliant glasses the difference from my old pair is massive , very pleased with the quality and price compared to other similar glasses

  15. Pauline Simmonds

    Watched a pod of orcas through them, along with many different birds. They are really light – good for me as I can’t hold anything much in my hands.

  16. Nicola Gilmour

    Purchased for my husbands birthday after a safari in Kenya using a rental pair . These are beautiful, lightweight and perfect for requirements. Looking forward to many viewings .


    We are delighted with the binoculars and highly recommend them.

  18. Geoff

    Have bought 3 of these binoculars in the past 6 months. I was so impressed with the first order for my daughter, I decided to buy one for myself and another for my son.
    Great for birdwatching and small enough to carry around comfortably.

  19. M O’Neil

    Very pleased with Binoculars which were given as a xmas present, good price and quality, quick delivery service. very satisfied and will recommend to friends.
    Thank you Avalon.

  20. Sheila

    Present for my husband and he is so impressed with them that we have decided to get another pair for our Son for Christmas

  21. Steven Ashford

    Very pleased with these Binoculars, just the right size and excellent viewing.
    Really well packaged and would definitely shop again A+

  22. Juliet Hayward

    I bought these for my sons birthday, he is really pleased with them. We use them to watch the birds in the garden and check if the bird feeder needs filling (we live in a flat) They are also good for watching the moon and stars, really sharp and clear. We are very happy with them – thanks

  23. Lorraine Bailey

    Excellent value for money

  24. Ian Young

    I am really pleased with the build quality and the crystal clear view the optics of these binoculars delivers they were also delivered very quickly thank you.

  25. Maggie Hargreaves

    Delighted with these binoculars- the first time we used them we saw very clearly a green woodpecker, in the Yorkshire Dales, and a young one also, hardly possible to see these birds with the naked eye in the tree. Easy to adjust, wonderful clarity and magnification. Previous binoculars pale in comparison. Thank you

  26. Philip Roberts

    Absolutely love them. The HD image is even better than I imagined, light and compact and they look so good. 1 friend had already used them and bought his own pair. Thank you Avalon.

  27. Mr Simon Thornton

    Excellent choice and very compact – delivery was prompt, quicker than many on-line purchases that I have made recently. Brilliant when walking – hiking or jogging on the South Downs. Really impressed with how the lens caps etc are still attached to the binoculars when detached and in use. Really good choice which I can highly recommend.

  28. Jeff Cobb

    Best pair of binoculars l have ever owned , such crystal clear lenses. We took them on holiday last week on a barge trip and found them easy to use and just the right balance of 10×42 for bird watching. What is brilliant is the main cups are attached to the neck strap and the front caps unclip and drop down but still attached to the binoculars which is a great feature. I absolutely love the colour of platinum. One very happy customer.

  29. Ian Boyle

    Excellent purchase, 10×42. Great for spotting birds and wildlife.
    Packaging superb and glasses
    Are relatively light to use. Delivery very quick, only issue was my postcode but resolved quickly by customer service team.

  30. Victoria Close

    Absolutely brilliant binoculars and love the platinum colour too. I did my research and chose these binoculars for a safari holiday planned for 2022. My children can use them easily too. They are light and great quality, the image is amazing, only need a little stabilising for far distance (for me anyway) and leaning on a fixed object does the trick. Incredibly happy.

  31. Charles

    Great binoculars, light and perfect to take on a hike to go bird watching.
    Excellent quality.

  32. John Ewens

    Extremely impressed with both the binoculars and the order and delivery service. My only regret is ordering the binoculars in platinum instead of black but the size and clarity of the image is excellent.

  33. David

    Just wish I had ordered them in black!

  34. Graham Craddock

    Once I had set the focus correctly for my eyes. Bingo!!!
    Very pleased indeed. Clear vision, easy and light to handle, excellent in poor light. Delivery,outstanding.
    Great value for money.
    Would recommend to anyone setting out to explore the wildlife and countryside around them. You can see images on TV but to get out into
    our beautifull surroundings and see it first hand is priceless.

  35. Karen Smith

    Excellent service next day delivery, great product easy to use and lightweight well the money

  36. Julie Walker

    I have been thinking about buying a new pair of the Binoculars for some time. I am really pleased with these and would recommend them. They are comfortable and light to carry and I am impressed with the detail I can see. I’m am looking forward to many happy hours searching for those elusive birds!

  37. Sue Pearson

    Very pleased with binoculars. Lightweight around my neck and as good as my husband’s which were £100 dearer.

  38. Charlie

    Delivery excellent, arrived in less than 48 hours from ordering. Binoculars seem really good, not been out with them yet due to the dreaded virus, but looking to the far distance from inside of our conservatory, on a bright day, I have seen things that are miles away that I never new were visible from our home.
    I would certainly recommend.

  39. Beverley Harris

    Really pleased with my new binoculars. Not too heavy. Great price and amazingly quick delivery. Watch out birds- here I come!!!

  40. Barry Horseman

    I was looking for an upgrade for my old binoculars which I use for looking at wildlife. I had never heard of Avalon before but found your website and read the reviews which prompted my purchase.
    Arrived within 2 days of ordering. These are superb; both in performance and looks. Fantastic optics, easy to focus and incredibly stable.
    Outstanding value.

  41. Steve Fenton

    To be honest I had never heard of Avalon binoculars.
    After reading the reviews I put my order in, after 2 days they arrived.
    They are superb in every instance.
    Build quality, optics , image clarity.
    Would recommend to everyone looking for a great pair of quality binoculars at a brilliant price.

  42. Andrew

    I must admit to have never heard of Avalon until a visit to Cornwall last summer when my brother in law pulled out a pair on a coastal walk. I was instantly impressed at the brightness and clarity so a week or so ago I ordered a pair of 10×42 platinum for my birthday! I love the ease of use and compact size, I live in the Cairngorms National Park so plenty to view here and these will be a permanent companion in the pack on all of my woodland and mountain walks.
    Previously I have only owned budget zoom binoculars that were very poor by comparison, these are excellent value and are equal to those twice the price that I have looked through in the past….very pleased and happy to reccomend !

  43. Sandra

    Very speedy delivery.
    Great binoculars. Look fantastic too.
    Very happy with my purchase.


    Just wonderful clarity in a quality compact unit.

  45. Keith

    Fantastic delivery.ordered two days before Christmas and arrived the next day. Fantastic bins. Light and easy to handle. Good clear image. We fight each other to use them!

  46. Natasha Aubrey

    Highly recommend!!! I’m just starting out with bird watching and wanted a nice affordable option to start with. I’m SUPER happy with the Avalon binoculars. Light weight, brilliant size and they work beautifully, very happy with my purchase.

  47. Laura

    Very pleased with my new 10×42 Avalon. Arrived within 2 days of ordering . Great quality, bright clear images and although slightly heavier than I expected they are comfortable to hold and use. Focus is easy and I’m impressed with the clarity in poor light conditions. I definitely recommend these as high standard binoculars at a price that wont break the bank.

  48. Ray

    I’m no connoisseur, just wanted something decent to take on walks as a step up from my 8x freebies, which did an ok job.

    What an amazing difference, these are superb value for money, and I can feel I’ve got a quality bit of kit in my hands. Also arrived very quickly. Very happy.

  49. Peter Dawson

    Binoculars were delivered within 2 days of ordering. Very easy to use and excellent focus. I have the 10×42 Pro which give excellent distance and close up vision. Easy to adjust focus. Really good looking Binoculars.

  50. C Jones

    Avalon binoculars
    These are quite the best binoculars I’ve ever had. They are crystal clear, bright and light. Really lovely to carry and so easy to use.
    I bought the platinum version so that I can find them easily!
    I love them and can highly recommend them.

  51. Jane

    Brilliant binoculars, in-between the size of my larger binoculars and my small portable pair. Obviously less portable, but not too heavy and the quality of vision is great and well worth the extra size and weight to carry round. I like that the lens caps at the bottom are attached so can’t get lost (one of my small pair of lens caps is somewhere on a pebble beach in New Zealand)! Anyway, treat yourself, you won’t be disappointed! 🙂🙂🙂

  52. Lina Date

    Brilliant and I love them.

  53. Angela Smith

    Great binoculars, but I bit heaver than expected.

  54. P Clay

    Excellent binoculars ideal for viewing wildlife, excellent delivery time/service

  55. Charles Ware

    Avalon 10×42 PRO HD Binoculars (PLATINUM)
    As a novice looking for light and compact general purpose binoculars there’s an awful lot of them on the market to chose from but I’m very glad I took my time to research in detail. These ones from Avalon are very good indeed, being very well built and giving image quality that is excellent and as somebody who relies on glasses in ordinary life I’ve had no problems at all using them. Rugged and reasonably priced they compete very effectively with ones in much higher price ranges. Seeing is believing !
    I don’t hesitate in recommending them.

  56. Sandra

    Bought for my husband for his birthday. We went to the Lake District where he used them and loved them. Light weight and easy to use. Good binoculars at a good price for the quality.

  57. Ken Hawley

    Bought for my wife so she can watch the Red Kites that we frequently see over nearby woodland. She loves the look of the binoculars and is very happy with their performance. I, too, think that they are very good.

  58. Kenneth Blacklock

    Great binoculars easy to use and very light
    Look fantastic too
    Great purchase

  59. Paul Logan

    Superb Quality Binoculars, and excellent value for money. A friend has a much more expensive pair from a well known optical equipment manufaturer, these are better !!!!
    He even said so himself.

  60. Alan Briggs

    Bought these mainly for coastal sight seeing, good quality, excellent fast focusing, lighter than some I have owned. One minor gripe is the strap could be padded, and the case could incorporate a small pocket for the cloth.

  61. John Mills

    I bought the binoculars for my son’s birthday and he was absolutely delighted with them.
    Beautifully made everything a pair of binoculars should be.

  62. John Mills

    Sorry for the delay but I bought the binoculars as a birthday present for my son so I had to delay until the birthday came around.
    Yes very pleased with the binoculars. Very well made and performance is excellent. They are well equipped and lens protection excellent

  63. James Ludlam

    Powerful, crisp, easy to focus, light and good looking.

  64. Mark

    Absolutely fantastic, the binoculars are a perfect size and weight, the focusing is brilliant and the image quality is just outstanding.
    Best binoculars I’ve ever used.

  65. Ms Dorothy Jenkinson

    Excellent clear image, easy to use and carry. Perfect for me

  66. Michael

    It might seem pricey, but they’re worth it. Good, sturdy binoculars that weigh almost nothing; they produce a very crisp image too.

    What sets Avalon apart for me is the after sale support – I had a response to my email within hours, and everything was sorted within a day.

  67. Geoff Horlock

    These binoculars are super clear, pin sharp and easy to use. I wear glasses, remove them and use the focusing ring to sharpen images and they are fantastic. I mainly use them for bird watching whilst walking my dog but also use them when carp fishing for spotting fish and checking out the wildlife around the lake. If you enjoy nature you can get up close and personal without spooking or intimidating the wildlife. Excellent product.

  68. Springer1288

    I”m no bino pro but these are great and UK made. Solid and well made. Good size for their power.

  69. Paul Eddiford

    Really quick delivery, good price, easy to use with a lovely bright image. Very pleased with the purchase.

  70. David Angus

    Having read the literature and guidance for the various types of binocular, I went for the Avalon 10×42 and had them out on the hills with me yesterday for the first time. Slightly bigger than I thought but they were great and will bring a new dimension to the walks. I wanted a good all round pair and really like the design with the lens covers. Not too heavy for the size but powerful enough to see clearly a long way. Delighted with the purchase.

  71. Paul Thompson

    Bought as a gift for my wife who is delighted with them. She particularly likes the fact that all the lens covers are attached and the fast adjustment for when she doesn’t want to use her glasses!

  72. Giles Graves

    Our first “proper” binoculars and we’re very impressed!

    The clarity of view is amazing, garden birds are so much more vibrant through these lenses. Birds of prey are so much more striking!

    I’d definitely recommend (especially at reduced price) for a family getting in to birding, they suit us well.

  73. thomas george

    Not has powerful as i thought
    Did not expect them to be has heavy as they was
    case to small.
    But i do like them


    Fantastic, Brilliant, better than expected. Bargain!!
    So when will they be back in stock at the 20% off ?
    I need to buy some presents

  75. Mike

    Ordering and especially delivery speedy and efficient. Delighted with the binoculars – light, easy to adjust and focus, excellent in every respect. They’ve become constant companions on lockdown walks!

  76. Jean

    This is my first pair of binoculars (I’ve always had to borrow someone else’s!) and I’m absolutely thrilled with them. Handy lens covers, easy to focus and hold, and secure strap and case. Pleased I chose the platinum colour – they’re beautiful! I’m using them for birdwatching in the garden at the moment, but looking forward to using them on holiday in Scotland.

  77. Michael

    Excellent service and great bins. Good looking; light weight but sturdy; easy to adjust; eyepieces have notches for accurate focussing; quality attached front lens covers and removable rear one piece cover. Nice carrying case and comfy strap. Great optics giving clear, crisp images. Excellent value for money.

  78. Tim

    Really pleased with my new binoculars and the excellent service. Very clear and nice and light to use. Would highly recommend.

  79. Steve

    Love these. Super clear. Well worth the money. You won’t be disappointed with these. Cannot fault them.

  80. Sarah

    Fantastic binoculars. I hadn’t really appreciate how much I was missing with my old pocket pair until I got these. Lightweight, easy to use, excellent views and easy to focus. Service was also amazing – ordered and received within 24hrs!

  81. Moira Granger

    Bought as a gift for my husband who is delighted with them

  82. Keith Rimmer

    I decided to treat myself and so glad I did
    The service was fantastic ordered one day. here the next, I read all of the reviews before I took the plunge and having purchased I am pleased to report that I agree with all that has been said , if I had too purchase again would I alter my decision No
    Definitely Not , to say I am pleased with these is an understatement Great all round binoculars , if you are looking across the manufactures don’t bother to look any further these are the ones for you

  83. Bill D

    I don’t usually leave reviews unless the service or product strikes me as exceptional (good or bad) but these binocular s are simply great. They look good, they are nice to hold and use and their functionality and ergonomic design is as good ,if not better than binoculars twice the price. If you are thinking of buying a pair then don’t hesitate!

  84. Richard

    Hi all at Avalon,
    I received the binoculars very quickly and I am exceptionally pleased with them. It is Sunday the 10th May, and whilst walking the dog I spent time watching a cuckoo and some nesting Skylark. The binoculars performed brilliantly. 10/10

  85. Raymond Warden

    Received in perfect working order and I absolutely LOVE the Avalon Binoculars …. as well as the case… I had a Nikon pair ..same power but these are much clearer and I also love the attached lend caps … AWESOME

  86. Mark

    While being isolated as “ high risk for C19” I have taken up backyard bird watching. These binoculars are perfect for this. They are clear, easy to focus and light.

  87. Laurie Messer

    These binoculars work well.
    Light weight nice looking. I use them mostly for bird watching. Like the front covers stay attached to binoculars when in use.

  88. Susan Brown

    Did some research on various sites . Went on the Avalon site & was impressed with the information on how to choose the right pair.
    Chose the 10 x 42 PRO HDs . Purchased online & they arrived the next day.
    They certainly live up to their description.
    We are extremely pleased & would highly recommend them.
    The service ..delivery & goods are all first class

  89. R Nicholds

    The Binos came in two days so very pleased, l am over the moon with them. I am a wildlife photographer and I only want pin sharp pictures, these Binos give me pin sharp images without any fuss at all. I would recommend anybody who wants a really great pair of Binos that won’t break the bank and gives you stunning images in a compact and light unit. They are really worth a look.

  90. Lesley Watson

    My husband treated me to these, he has binoculars already & when we go out for walks along the canal or into woodland areas or to wildlife trust destinations we can now use together. I’ve had them for just over a week & have used them numerous times, they’re lovely looking, very lightweight, easy to use & focus is scissor sharp! Will definitely recommend to family & friends plus the price & delivery time was superb. Excellent customer service
    Brilliant….. Thank you

  91. Glynis Brown

    I’m just going to say ‘ditto’ to all of the above good reviews
    I am so very pleased, my treat to me and worth every pound.
    And I cannot fault the company, very good packaging, quick delivery. If ever I need to, I would buy again from this company. If they do read this, Thank you very much, I’m very happy with my new classy binoculars 😎

    • Avalon Binoculars

      Thanks Glynis for your comment and very kind words. It is great to hear 🙂 And yes, we read every comment and every customer feedback. We aim to share the adventure of life and nature with all our customers by providing the best binoculars and scopes possible. Especially during these difficult times.

  92. Ann

    Arrived as expected, good instructions,like light weight and 4 lenses covers.
    During this Pandemic it’s great to enjoy viewings lots of wild life during nature walks
    Thanks great product

  93. Dennis Mills

    Thank you for a very speedy delivery , the Binoculars( platinum 10/42) are well made an d a delight to use , focus is spot on ! well done Avalon well priced to I might add thanks again.

  94. Chris

    Very quick and efficient delivery.
    The product itself is excellent: light weight for the size; easy to use; optically great – very sharp image near and far; good field of view and magnification. Ideal for general birding usage.

  95. Hope Thompson

    I have been wanting a good pair for several years, but was frustrated by my own lack of knowledge on how to buy. On one of my internet searches I came across Avalon Optics. I can not thank them enough for the explanation and how to pick out the pair that was right for me (bird watching). I absolutely love the pair I got. The view is crystal clear, and I found them easy to adjust for my vision. I really don’t have anything to compare them to, except a very old cheap pair that I have, but in my opinion these are fabulous! My search I’d done 🎉

  96. John Vandenberg

    This was my second purchase. First was a Christmas present for a friend. I enjoyed using hers and decided to buy a pair for myself. Excellent binoculars.

  97. Norman E Jalbert

    Bought them for my husband’s birthday. He likes them. Lightweight not bulky. He is very much so enjoying them. He is rating them perfect .

  98. David Grainger

    Magic; really clear images at all distances and I received them within 24 hours of ordering. What a bargain.

  99. Molly

    My binoculars arrived safely and I am thrilled! Perfect for backyard birding! And not too heavy for birding excursions…clarity is terrific, even for this bespectacled retired school mark! Can’t tell you how much these binoculars will enhance my enjoyment of a lifetime casual hobby. Thank you!!!

  100. Chris Smith

    Just received my Avalon 10×42 pro binoculars and I am highly impressed at there clarity, they feel great in my hands and very light, I am extremely happy with my purchase.

  101. Susan Hodges And Kirsten H.

    Excellent product! Lenses Allow a lot of light in and bring even tiny birds into sharp focus. Very pleased with these binoculars.

  102. M. Fleury

    Purchased these after reading reviews and I love them. Super sharp image and lightweight.

  103. Roy Harries

    What can I say to the reviews already said , Nothing it is all true , many thanks happy new year.

  104. Kim Duggan

    Love these binoculars! Easy to use, lightweight and super sharp focusing. Great for birding and wildlife spotting.

  105. Sydney Gordon

    Love these binoculars. They are the clearest I have ever had.

  106. Marion L Massinger

    I absolutely love my new binoculars! They are light weight, and easy to use. They are perfect for bird watching !!! I’m Very happy with my purchase!

  107. Chris Newton

    Quick delivery, well packed . Wide strap, very comfortable and a good case. Lens caps attached and eye piece covers attach to strap, even better. But save the best till last. The optics are superb for the price, I am delighted with the clarity of the image in all light conditions. Thoroughly recommended, my sister is ordering a pair too.

  108. David Rough

    Binoculars arrived within a few days. Took them on my first trip last week and the 10×42 were perfect for my needs. The rubber protection caps are an excellent handy feature. Only complaint would be that the bag is just a tiny bit too tight. If it was just 5% larger then it would be the perfect fit.

  109. Don Smith

    Outstanding for the price. Accurately described and very competent in use (spectacle wearer). Unexpectedly good in low light conditions. A positive boon is the attached lens covers. A small but incredibly useful feature.

  110. Neil

    Superb for the price. Got me and Mrs a set and over the moon with them. Love the drop down lense protection. Very clear in dull light . Would definitely recommend.

  111. Andrew

    I had no idea what I was looking for in a pair of binoculars but given the fact that I was going bird watching I thought I should buy a pair. After reading a number of reviews about this product I decided they would suffice.
    I have used them over the last week and am absolutely amazed by the clarity when using them in different lights. Whilst out over the saltmarshes in Blakeney (Norfolk) my wife lent them to a couple and they said they would go home and buy a pair.
    A great product

  112. David Jones

    Second Test – England vs Aussies at Lords – clutching my new Avalon 10×42 Pro Platinum. I was amazed how much light these binoculars actually let in. The image was stunning. Still couldn’t follow Jofra Archers deliveries though… seriously – I couldn’t recommend the 10×42’s highly enough!

  113. Nigel

    Very good quality for the price. Smooth in operation and razor sharp focus. Just what I needed. Thanks Avalon

  114. MICHAEL

    Extremely good value, excellent optics. Particularly liked the exceptional quality of near focus and they have a nice appearance. Quite light and compact for travelling.

  115. William

    Quite pleased with my purchase and would recommend these , I was surprised that there was not the normal mounting point for a tripod and that an adaptor needed to be additionally purchased.

  116. Brian Hart

    Fantastic binoculars well worth the money my others were to heavy but these are just right for me and my wife to hold . Excellent viewing spectrum and very easy to use thanks for such a great product.

  117. Darren

    Great product at a reasonable price. Very clear view and easy to set up.


    Superb , Stylish , Sturdy . Sharp images at all distances, really pleased with this purchase.

  119. John Horncastle

    We purchased these binoculars for a holiday in Orkney & Shetland, specifically for wildlife watching (predominantly birds). They are fantastic. Light, great vision & a very good price.

  120. Alan Frew

    I have a pair of Vanguards which are very good and my first purchase of decent Binoculars. Bought the Avalons as a ‘cheaper’ second pair for when we have friends around and we want to look at the bird feeders etc. I have to say that I am very impressed with the quality of these binoculars and are as good as the Vanguards at a much better price point, i.e. the Vanguards were £213 in 2017 and the Avalons £139. My next pair will certainly be Avalons.

  121. Joanna Edwards

    Took these “Tiger spottting” in India – they were Great to find Cats and Birds and see the wildlife in amazing detail even in lower light. Easy to use and really liked the ease of lens cap on/off in those dusty conditions. Recommend

  122. Steve Mitchell

    I bought these specifically for my holiday on safari in Namibia. I did a lot of research on the internet beforehand and came to the conclusion that 10 magnification with 42 object lens was as big as I should go, though I was advised by various people that 8 magnification would be better because they would be lighter and easier to manage.
    I was relieved to find that 10×42 were excellent and were not at all too heavy. My wife and I used them extensively and I am delighted with the purchase.

  123. Kay

    Good delivery service. Early days yet but so far so good – tried them out at an RSPB wetlands reserve and am pleased with their performance. Bins are easy to use and adjust, image appears clear with good magnification; bins are lightweight and comfortable to wear. Purchased to take on a safari holiday for wildlife viewing; chose this size to accommodate low light early and late in the day, level of magnification and no fog feature – with considerations to weight, comfort and cost. I like the twist out eye cups, attached protective lens covers and wide, easily adjustable carrying strap.

  124. Pauline

    Great quality, really pleased with this product. The binoculars are lightweight so great for my walking holiday.

  125. Steve Hanwell

    Great birthday present for my wife today. She says they are marvellous to use.

  126. Alex P M

    Great Value for money. Used them a few times for birdwatching. Love them!

  127. Rose

    I ordered the platinum binoculars as a surprise gift for a relative who enjoys birdwatching. She was excited when she opened the package, as this is her first pair of binoculars.
    She tried them on immediately, and looked through them to get a better view of the eastern blue bird perched on the suet cage. I think she will enjoy them for many years! Thank you for providing a beautiful product.

  128. Bev P

    Great binoculars at a very reasonable price. Really good build quality, sturdy and easy to remove lens caps. Packaged very well and arrived promptly. Great for viewing Norwegian fjords from the sea.

  129. Mal Odam

    Very good. Seem well made.
    Great speedy delivery.
    Lighter and more convenient than my 30+ year old 7X50’s!

  130. Kevin Lawlor

    Really pleased, fantastic clarity and easy to use

  131. H Grindley

    Excellent product. I use them for bird watching. They are very comfortable to use. I thought I might find them a bit heavy to hold, but the weight is no problem at all. I’m very pleased with my purchase.

  132. Christopher Maitland

    Light, compact and easy to focus, these binoculars represent excellent value.

  133. Yoka

    Great best ever

  134. Mark Eiler

    I recently purchased 10×42 Pro HD Platinum Binoculars and couldn’t be happier with my purchase. They are solid, well performing, lightweight, and stylish. I can’t say enough about them, except if you are in the market for binoculars for hunting or bird watching these are well worth the money!

  135. Krystalla Ward

    They are great. Looked at the full super snow moon last night and saw so many details! Am looking forward to using them on holiday soon

  136. Pamela

    Good? No! EXCELLENT PRODUCT! Thank you! 🙂
    Si algún latino lee esto, créanme que el producto merece la pena! Es de excelente calidad!

  137. Stephen Walls

    Excellent i’m Really happy with these binoculars

  138. Stephen Smith

    I received my binoculars the day following my order. As it was dark when they arrived I had to leave using them properly till the following morning.

    They are brilliant. They are very easy to set up (I did use a youtube video as the enclosed instructions assume you know about binoculars). Having set them up which takes seconds I am over the moon with them. They are light, have a lovely wide neck strap, they let in lots of light and the focusing is lovely and smooth. I can now see many more things that were just not possible to see through my old pair. I can use them either with glasses, contact lenses or the naked eye – yes they are THAT good!

    The ONLY slight complaint is that the neck strap was supplied frayed so it can’t be tucked neatly into the retainer. I think it will look messy in the near future.

    These are pretty much perfect as far as I am concerned.

    Thank you Avalon.

  139. Asif Kamal

    Very good. Amazing viewing and great optics.

  140. Paula

    Love these binoculars

  141. Lucy Goodman

    These are a great weight; light enough to not strain your arms as you hold them up for a long time, but heavy enough to feel like excellent quality. The platinum colour is like ‘stone’ colour and my mum is thrilled to bits with them. They fold in for people with eyes quite close together, and are all fully adjustable and easy to focus. Very happy with the quality. The website was very useful in describing what the numbers mean and taking confusion out of the purchase. I knew I was buying exactly what my mum wanted. Long may they last.

  142. Elmarie Gebler

    A great Christmas gift! Light and easy to use

  143. Gary

    Great lightweight binoculars that are easy to carry everywhere you go. Easy and smooth focusing. Work well in low light both early morning and dusk. Highly recommended professional style binoculars at a very reasonable price .

  144. Paul Egan

    Bought these as a gift as had already bought a pair a couple of years ago and so knew of the great quality and value. I managed to break my pair but they were replaced free of charge within days.Wonderful product

  145. Ron pichler

    Binoculars work awesome, love them!

  146. Christopher Peacher

    I have only used them a couple of times, but hey are really easy to focus and are light for the size, I will be using them at the coast soon and this will let me know how good they are.

  147. Rosemary

    These were a birthday present for my adult daughter who loves spending time in the bush observing wildlife. She tried them immediately and was thrilled with the clarity & ease of use. I was really impressed with the service, tracking the parcel and speedy delivery.

  148. Bev Sivyer

    My husband bought these binoculars for me. They are excellent, the only problem being the carry case is too small; it may have been meant for a smaller set of binoculars.

  149. Brian

    Bought as a present for my wife and am extremely impressed with them, my wife thinks they are the best thing ever…..
    Excellent quality and they actually feel well made also, very comfortable and easy to use.
    I may now use these as an excuse to get myself a pair now, or even the more expensive ones….

  150. Laurie

    Spot on – exactly what I was after for a cruise holiday.

  151. Rod Weston

    I just purchased these and they are perfect for what I need. My friends were impressed with the clarity.


    These binoculars are fine, and as good as I expected. The light weight and compact size make them more convenient than my old-type 8×30 binoculars. It is great that I can use them with my glasses and I am very satisfied with them.

  153. Suzanne Serfontein

    I bought the Bins for my partner as we are both bird watchers. He thinks they are amazing – as he wears glasses he loves the wind-out eyepiece and the clarity is outstanding.

  154. Ken Davis

    I purchased these binoculars as a gift for my wife. When she opened the package she immediately commenred on how nice these binoculars look and feel. She really enjoys using them for bird watching.

    She tried to use the belt loop provided on the case, but the unit is a little too big and heavy for comfort on the belt. She uses the provided neck strap instead and has no troubles with that.

    All in all, a really good product.

  155. wayne parr

    A great pair of binos….I took them to work on two days..Abit of fine adjustment and I was away..Used them all day without any problems and great to use with glasses on..Nice and light and the platinum colour makes a nice change..I will be putting my bino harness on them and heading into the hills…Wayne..

  156. Leonard (Len) Triplett

    Good value, good performance, well worth the price.

  157. Nelson usuga

    There good compact

  158. Laureen

    I bought these for my trip to Southern Africa. Carried them to 5 countries in 30 days. Perfect size and big big lens to watch animals and birds on safari. I couldn’t be more pleased.

  159. Rob Stansberry

    Love them. Very clear and quite sturdy. I need to see clearly at 100 yards. These glasses far exceed that need and expectation.

  160. Bryan Balmer

    very clear optics and great in low light. Very pleased with them

  161. Doug

    Very pleased. Great clarity, lightweight.

  162. Lex Dekoning

    Amazing clarity!! I bought for my wife’s birthday and we both love them.
    Awesome binos.

  163. Mike Edelstein

    Excellent and well worth the price. This company is great!

  164. Scott Moses

    We have been to Africa on safari for each of the past few years and one of the first things packed is the Avalon 10×42 binoculars… top quality optics,particularly in early morning or evening low light.. early to carry and lightweight but powerful these binoculars really enhance the Safari Eperience bringing the animals “up close and personal” … look no further for top quality at a reasonable price from a great Aussie company …

  165. Judy Peterson

    These binoculars are just what we needed. They let in lots of light, and separately adjust for each eye, have the option of using with or without glasses. The covers have straps to prevent loss.

  166. Terry Nadeau

    I just purchased the Avalon 10×42. We live right on the Bohemia river and the clarity is dynamite. We use it to get a nice close up of a pair of eagles. You can see all the way across the river onto the other bank which we could not do with our other binoculars. The size and weight make them easy to use. I would certainly recommend this product. Lastly, the product was delivered in a timely fashion with tracking information.

  167. Chris

    Very good service and delivery process. Delivery from Melbourne to Brisbane in only a few days. Tried them briefly and very impressed with quality and feel of the product.

  168. Steve Bell

    Great service, very prompt delivery. They appear to be exactly what I expected so far – haven’t fully given them a workout but look like they will definitely do the job. Value for money bino’s.

  169. Gerard Mcdoald

    Wasn’t impressed with infinity focus. Midrange was ok but found focus for that difficult with or without glasses.

  170. Sharon Mess

    I purchased these binoculars for my husband’s Christmas present. He is very happy with them and will find them useful when we go for leisurely walks and serious hill walking. Excellent service from Avalon Optics.

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