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Avalon 10×42 WP Monocular (PLATINUM)

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Not a big fan of binoculars? No problem! The Avalon 10×42 WP monocular allows you to experience the same breathtaking views using a single eyepiece. The perfect choice for birdwatching, safari, travel or sports.

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Product Highlights

  • Beautifully designed and packaged for personal use or gift.
  • Perfect for viewing with only a single eye (left / right), with or without glasses.
  • Ideal for general or home viewing, scenery, bird watching, travelling and hiking, sports, marine, nature, wildlife, safari, star gazing, opera, events and concerts.
  • Powerful 10x magnification and fully multicoated optics. Bright, razor sharp images from 16 feet and up to 30 miles and beyond.
  • Lightweight, Compact sized, professional level monocular weighing only 320 grams.
  • 100% Waterproof and fog-proof, body internally purged with nitrogen gas to prevent corrosion or lens fogging.
  • Monocular, Avalon carry case, wrist strap, protective covers and gift box are included.
  • Covered by Avalon’s 90-days money back guarantee and VIP lifetime warranty.


Avalon Optics Model




Objective Lens Diameter

42 mm

Exit Pupil

4.1 mm

Eye Relief

14 mm

Prism Type


Lens Coating

Fully Multicoated





Nitrogen Filled


Closest Focusing Distance

16 ft (5 m)

Field of View

293 ft / 1000 yards

Angle of View



14.5 x 7.5 cm (5.7 x 2.9 inch)


320 grams (11.3 oz)

29 reviews for Avalon 10×42 WP Monocular (PLATINUM)

  1. BOWERS Robert

    Perfect for people who, like me, have only one good eye. Quality of vision exceeded all expectations.

  2. Michael Patton

    Nice bright image, compact and light. Perfect to pop in the side pocket of a rucksack when heading out for a hike.

    Build quality is excellent.

  3. Keith Marriage

    I’m really enjoying using the Avalon 10×42 WP Monocular. I bought it for two reasons, hopefully temporarily I have double vision so a monocular is fine, and also I often take my camera with me which results in the combination of bins and camera around my neck, weighing a ton, and getting in the way of each other. With the monocular I simply leave it in a side pocket. Also, being so much lighter than the bins, and simply carried, I now find that I am taking it with me on a lot more occasions than I would with the bins.

    Manufacture and performance wise it is great thus far. The lens caps and the holding strap work well and I am sure the tripod mount will be useful too.

    My only minor gripe is that the focus screw works opposite to any bins that I have had in a counter intuitive direction however this is not a big deal and you get used to it. Daylight images are very clear and at night stars are sharp. The full moon had only the slightest reflected glow.

    Overall, very pleased.

  4. Thomas Conway

    Bought to save the weight on binoculars when walking and having now used them for a few months, they’ve been perfect. Used them over the weekend at a Wetlands and they were good enough.

  5. J.y.lewis

    My husband is very happy the Avalon 10x40monocular clear view.

  6. Brian Simmons

    Excellent product.

    Attaching the strap instructions are impossible to follow – I would change the design entirely.

  7. Terry

    First time I’ve used a monocular and it seemed odd for a start. The hand strap took a little working out and I’m not sure if I’ve got it right now. Some instructions wouldn’t go amiss! To be honest, I found no difference with the magnifier being in or out. I bought them to carry out a bird survey so that I had a hand free to carry a note paper which seemed to work well.
    For general birding though, I’m sticking with my binoculars.

  8. Lesley

    Excellent, very pleased with my new purchase Monocular Platinum.
    Delivery outstanding.

  9. Lyn

    Sharp, lightweight and easy to hold, but not for me. I found it hard to keep looking through one eye, especially at the night sky.

  10. Heather Wise

    I am really pleased with my platinum monocular, it is so light and the strap means it fits securely and neatly in my hand when out walking. It is easy to focus and the light colour means it is quick to locate if I need to check on a bird in the garden. As I have lost the vision in one eye this is ideal for me, no more heavy binoculars hanging round my neck; a perfect purchase and fast delivery. Thank you.

  11. Bill Jones

    Bought it for my wife who has glaucoma and very different eye functions either side. It’s great.

  12. Annette Horne

    Highly recommend this Avalon Monocular. Pin sharp image. Lovely and light as well as so portable. Fits snugly into my handbag. Excellent quality, great service as well as quick delivery. Would have liked to have had instructions on how to attach wrist strap as really wasn’t sure how it was meant to be attached. Still not sure I have done it correctly! 🤔 Aside from that extremely happy with this Monocular which I am thoroughly enjoying using.

  13. Simon Hallett

    I was very pleased with the monocular. I choose the ‘platinum’ colour as black can be lost in the dark! I would say it is white though as a colour. Platinum is really more of a steel finish.The delivery was good as I was informed of the window time, an hour and it arrived punctually. It came the next day which wasn’t really needed but its very helpful to have the time pinned down instead of just being told it will come on Wednesday. The monocular has a brass threaded insert in the body for tripod mounting which I’m fairly sure wasn’t mentioned in the description. The wrist strap would have been easier to get my head round if a picture had been shown of it attached to the monocular. The device is obviously half the weight and bulk of binoculars and easy to focus. It suits my intended use which is just to have a quick peek at something. I know binoculars may be more comfortable on the eye for longer viewing times but I won’t be looking at anything for long. I take it with me when I walk in some nearby woods as a matter of course and its comfortable to just have in my hand using the wrist strap so I can train it immediately on wildlife.

  14. david jarvis

    Partner has mismatched eyes, so chose 10×42 monocular for her. This proved difficult to hold steady for her, so I returned it- refund process fast and efficient, thanks. Instead I’ve just ordered 2 x mini 8×32 binoculars for her (one is a gift for someone else) which I anticipate will be well received. Thanks

  15. Fred Becker

    I like it. Good price. Easy to use. Good image quality. Being tripod capable is a nice extra. The hand strap was a bit confusing but I figured it out. The ability to attach a neck strap would be a nice feature. Not sure how well the Platinum color will hold up to dirt over time. Lens caps fit fine. No complaints.

  16. Margaret Zometsky

    I haven’t used it extensively yet. I bought it for an upcoming trip. I have a fabulous pair of expensive binoculars that are great but very large . I was looking for light weight and compact and I got exactly that. I think I’m going to like it.

  17. Julian Irinyi

    Beautiful piece of equipment.

  18. Gary

    Loving the monocular, I do a lot of hill walking and supervise groups for DofE. This is perfect for observing them form a distance, nice and bright and good magnification!

  19. Dee

    I bought this for my daughter, an avid hiker. She is thrilled with it. She tested it out by looking at the Space Needle in the distance from her apartment balcony. She saw people in the observatory with hands on the glass! Loved how light it was and its viewing power! Also loved its sleekness!

  20. Laura Morgan

    Great quality, everything present and correct!

  21. David cannon

    I bought this for my partner, he does archery from a wheelchair, he’s using it for seeing his scores on the target, anywhere from 20mt upto 70mt , it’s well made , and delivery was quick, my only negative is that I had to have a silver one

  22. Wendy Gilliard

    This isn’t a reflection on the quality of the product but I just could not get on just using one eye. Delivery and return was very quick and efficient. I have gone on to purchase binoculars which are more suitable for me.

  23. Colin Anderson

    With a poor left eye, this is clearly the viewing answer. Going to give it a proper test on a trip to India shortly, but it seems to have more controllable and quicker focussing, together with good bright optics.

  24. Miss Jane

    Absolutely thrilled. Desired Binos for a while, although with astigmatism in both eyes and differing problems found Binoculars slightly difficult, especially when needing to see ‘it’ NOW!!! Love the Monocular

  25. Dave Jeffries

    I’ve got a dodgy right eye and binoculars have been a problem in the past as a result. This bit of kit is a fabulous. Well engineered and well recommended.

  26. Ian

    Very happy with this monocular. Focussing is easy and I have a clear view with my glasses on or not wearing glasses. Better than my big binoculars.

  27. ian morris

    Just received this monocular and I truely recommend it for general ocean use. I surf and now having this mono is really handy to check out waves,that are out the back of the breaking zone and sure does make it easy to spot good waves.So glad I got rid of the old 7 x25 bino,s.This new mono is light weight,easy to use and fits in my pocket…just so handy.Great product.

  28. Rob and Sue

    This was a replacement for a cheap monocular that had given us a taste for such a device. It has been a complete revelation. While the price seemed a bit high the ease of focussing and very bright image makes the Avalon very satisfying to use. Very happy to recommend.

  29. Lynnda

    This is a beautiful piece of equipment. I have not used a monocular before so I am still learning. I like it better than my binocular but would have liked some written information with it. It only came with a pamphlet on binocular instructions. I am still experimenting but I am impressed with its clarity. I look forward to mastering its use. Also I was impressed with the ease of ordering and the very quick delivery. Thank you.

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